Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (2023)

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (1)

Gene of Los Alamitos, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: May 22, 2020

We saw Mohawk at a neighbor's place and we liked it. We got flooring for a two-bedroom condo and we did the whole house. It looks good. Not only are we pleased with it, but everybody who sees it is blown away. I'm 77 years old and I grew up with hardwood floors. This modern vinyl planking looks so much like hardwood that I'm pleased.

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This review is featured by Mohawk Flooring

Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (2)

Ladonna of Nixa, MO Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 24, 2020

We're building a new house, and we went with Mohawk because our builder recommended them. We had an experience with this particular vendor in the past too. We haven’t ever had any issue. So, we're very happy with it. Our wood flooring is beautiful. It's a good product. The quality can't be beat and the salesman knows the product well.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (3)

Kenda of Star, ID Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 8, 2023

Beware of purchasing Mohawk wood flooring. The flooring we purchased is falling apart. The finish is coming off and the wood is chipping off. We contacted the store where we purchased. They filed a claim with Mohawk, who in return sent out an inspector. This inspector spent over two hours at our home running test and asking questions. It is obvious they are trying to refuse the claim. Is this the type of company you want to spend $1000s of dollars with. They do not stand behind their products. I highly recommend finding another reputable manufacturer and save yourself a lot of headaches with Mohawk.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (4)

John of Grand Rapids, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 26, 2022

I installed RevWood Plus Laminate Flooring from Mohawk throughout my entire home because of the claims of it being truly waterproof. That is a lie, and the floors cannot withstand any moisture. My entire floor bubbled and swelled. The floor never was abnormally wet other than water splashing on it from doing dishes or normal spills and stuff that is cleaned up immediately. I used laminate-safe cleaning products, and the entire floor is now bubbling. The Mohawk warranty is a joke, they immediately said it was from improper care, which is not true. Then they had an inspector come down and because the report (which by the way is just data and nothing more) didn't say there was a defect they declined the warranty.

I had 5 other flooring companies come in to look at my floor (even another Mohawk reseller) and every one of them said that this floor should not be doing this. That this type of damage should never happen even if I dumped water on the floor and let it sit for hours. They also told me Mohawk is a company that doesn't stand by their customer or their product they decline everything and are difficult.

So here is what I learned:
1. Mohawk flooring overall is bad quality flooring and cannot handle any moisture (aka water resistant/proof claims are a lie).
2. Mohawk flooring will warp and bubble if you attempt to clean the floor with any laminate-safe products (even their own), sweep them, or use any cleaning tools- since, to Mohawk, that is improper care and will void the warranty.
3. Mohawk warranty is a ruse.

4. Stay away from Mohawk flooring if you want flooring that will last more than a few years.

Stay away and buy Shaw flooring or another brand. This product is a joke, and it is funny that I see video after video of the same flooring having the same issue, and Mohawk response it the same, improper care. I guess their floor is so fragile that you need special training to clean it properly.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (5)

Paul of Old Lyme, CT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 28, 2022

Bought Pergo flooring from Lowe's Home Store in 2015. I was told this flooring was the best on the market and had a lifetime warranty against defects. In 2021 I noticed a chip on a corner of one piece, I repaired it with glue. From January 2022 about 12 pieces have chips or cracks on the top June 2022. I filed a warranty claim through Lowe's. After several inquiries and one which involved an employee telling me I was wasting my time they deny all claims. I sent them pictures of the flooring showing them the wear.

They accused me of first having a dog which I never had and then of over-cleaning which I only used a dry mop once a week and vinegar and water in my wet mob. They also asked if I had any pieces left I didn’t use. I kept all receipts and still filed a claim. Mohawk Flooring contacted Loews telling them, I over-abused the flooring. I am 68 years old and live with my wife. I take care of anything I buy. I sent numerous pictures of the flooring to them of the flooring that was installed. As of today the chipping has gotten worst. At my age now I will have to hire a contractor to install the new flooring costing me twice as much. I just wanted replacement which they refused and refused to physically see the flooring. The employee was right, they offer the lifetime warranty but have never honored it.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (6)

Brenda of Brandon, MS Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 19, 2022

Back several months ago, I purchased flooring at Lowe's. We decided on Studio + Spill Repell Laguna Acacia laminate flooring from Mohawk. Shortly after having the floors water was spilled and the seam in the flooring began to swell. I have several places in my bedroom. I contacted Mohawk and told them was was happening. They said it was my floor cleaner. That was not caused by my floor cleaner. These are defective floors and they will not stand behind the water or spill proof. I will tell everyone that sees this in my home NOT to purchase this garbage of flooring.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (7)

Mary of Wantagh, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 7, 2022

September 2021 we had National Floors Direct install Mohawk dynamo ancient marble carpet. Mohawk owns 24% of NFD. Less than a year the pattern is wearing and it’s not even like we use room. The stair are high traffic that’s why we pick Mohawk carpet. We were told we had 10 year warranty with Mohawk. For two months I have been bounced back from NFD and Mohawk. Mohawk said in email “we will follow up in 7-10 days." Never heard from them? It wasn’t a cheap carpet either? My husband was shocked he thought Mohawk was a good company?

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (8)

Kenneth of Delray Beach, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 9, 2022

As we all know Mohawk owns 24% of the Nations Carpet/Flooring Industry and based in Atlanta Georgia. Owning multiple Rental Properties here in South Florida they are my #1 resource for Laminate Flooring as I use a AC 4 Rating Laminate from their RevWood Premium Laminate which can be used in Commercial Properties as well and just Purchased 420 sqft of their Carrolton Harvest Oak for 2 Bedrooms which has a beautiful color and a wonderful Warranty. There's a lot of Laminate out there with names I never heard of but buying from a company that's been around since 1878 I know there won't be problems as I've bought hundreds of square feet of other colors of Mohawk Laminate over the years, worry-free.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (9)

Eric of Hauppauge, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: May 12, 2022

Mohawk Flooring owns Pergo Timbercraft vinyl flooring and many other flooring that you see in big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. They advertise their product with a 10 year or 20 year or limited lifetime warranty against scratching and waterproof and more. The problem is even when you read those warranties and try to place a claim they have departments that single purpose is to try to find any reason to decline the claim.

Now even when you go back to the store you bought it from, such as lowes, who wants to help you but can only file a claim on your behalf, it takes six months of going back and forth, them losing your claims, denying for reasons unknown, asking questions to void the warranty and then when all they do fails because you’ve done everything within warranty (I.e. - own your home, clean w water only, no water damage, no dogs, no abrasive cleaners, send photos, etc. they won’t even send someone they basically say “here is a few boxes but we’re not paying for labor”.

Here’s the kicker. Have you ever tried to pick up a few boards from different parts of the kitchen of a vinyl floor without picking them all up. And then are you able to reuse them. See these warranties look good in the store but buyer beware. Make sure you read the reviews of people who had issues so you know they are there during the good times and not when you need them.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (10)

Dan of Monroe, NC Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 2, 2022

We hired some flooring people to install laminate hardwood flooring throughout our house prior to moving in. We bought it in Sept 2015. Around 2-3 years later the edges started to chip and break off. I recently came across the Mohawk warranty information and found that it was supposed to be covered for 20 years. I contacted the company that installed the flooring. Unfortunately they did not survive COVID. This only gave me option to contact Mohawk directly. They typically do not deal directly with public (and it shows). I got the appropriate forms and followed their procedure. After several weeks they told me that they would need to send an inspector to my house to get photos and etc of the affected area.

After this inspection they sent me an email that they would not be honoring their warranty as it was not "normal wear" on the tiles. I have emailed them back to have them better explain this but after a week or so of no response I decided to post my review of their inferior product. The areas that wore are high traffic areas - hallways, doorways, etc.

The flooring is nice looking and does very well in non high traffic areas. Everywhere we had walking and moving things across it the product failed consistently and completely. Apparently their flooring is only for show and NOT for use. Now I am in the process of replacing their 20 year floor (only 7 years later as the wear is significant and looks terrible). I have to say I will be asking the new installer about who they use to make sure it is NOT Mohawk brand... don't want to install a new floor again in 5 years.

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (11)

Linda of League City, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 3, 2022

When I was in the market for new carpeting, I went to Flooring Source in Dickinson, TX. I specifically said I needed carpet that was pet-friendly AND durable. The salesperson told me about Mohawk's Rhino Challenge video on YouTube, where after a year of a rhino living on their SmartStrand carpet, after being professionally cleaned it looked as good as new. Between that video and the salesperson telling me that even though the carpet might look matted and flat after a while, after a professional cleaning the carpet would "bounce back" to looking new again. I was also "sold" by Mohawk's carpet guarantee. It wasn't even 9 months after the carpet was installed that it started matting down and looking like it was about 10 years old.

I remembered the Rhino Challenge video and the claims that the salesperson made so I wasn't worried about the carpet--until AFTER I had the carpet professionally cleaned (by a company recommended by Flooring Source), and the carpet DID NOT "bounce back" at all. It still looked matted down and flat in the higher traffic areas. Mind you, I live alone and do not wear shoes on the carpet, and I vacuum the carpet at least once a week.

I immediately contacted Flooring Source and asked my salesperson to come look at the carpet. She did and agreed with me that the carpet was not performing as it should be for its age. The salesperson told me not to worry--that I had done everything right (including buying the recommended padding). So the retailer filed a claim with Mohawk. An "independent" inspector (hired and paid for by Mohawk) came out to look at the carpet, and he did a poor examination of the carpet. All he cared about discussing was the stains on the carpet that did not come out after being professionally cleaned. I kept trying to get his attention to the matting problem, but he seemed disinterested in what I was saying. He did not even get down to do a close inspection, nor did he do any tests on the carpet (except to show that the professional cleaner did not do a good job of removing stains).

Since I was still making payments on the carpet, I filed a dispute with Synchrony Bank so I would not have to make any more payments until my claim was resolved. After about six months after I complained to Flooring Source about the carpet looking old already, I was told that Mohawk and Flooring Source were denying my claim. I was shocked! What good is a warranty if the consumer can't depend on it when there is a valid claim?

I also contacted Mohawk's consumer affairs department, and I was told how I could hire a Master Inspector myself and have the report sent to Mohawk. So I called a different inspector than the one Mohawk sent, but I was told it would cost $500!!! But after a brief conversation with this other inspector, I found out that the inspector sent out by Mohawk did NOT do a thorough job. I am a single senior citizen living off social security, so I could not afford to pay $500 for another inspection. And I cannot afford to buy new carpet, AGAIN, when I am still paying for this inferior carpet.

BUYER BEWARE!!! You might get lucky if you buy Mohawk carpet and get a good lot of carpet. But look at all of the negative reviews of Mohawk's carpet--you just might get an inferior lot of carpet, too. Do you really want to take a gamble on such an expensive investment in your home? If you are willing to take that gamble and you lose, forget about Mohawk's warranty helping you out. Their warranty is only a sales tool. And DON'T get fooled by their false advertising like I did! Shame on Flooring Source AND Mohawk Flooring!!!

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Top 959 Mohawk Flooring Reviews (12)

Lang of Denton, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 2, 2022

Mohawk doesn't stand behind any of their products, Laura the customer service rep is an AI or something that tries to make it look like they care. Guess what? Go read the review and stay away from Mohawk. My hardwood floors were installed right before buying my house in late 2017. This is my first home that I worked so hard for, I soon learned that these floors show scratches like no other. My mother and sister both have engineered hardwood and neither looks as crummy as mine and both are older. It has nothing to do with how it is cared for, it's just junk. They have bigger dogs, take less care of theirs and they both look tens time better.

I am a physician and finally finished school, then worked to pay down some loans, first house and can't even have people over because the floors are an embarrassment. They are scratched, peeling, bubbling, and just a plain eye sore. Seeing that I'm still paying loans and working for the State I guess I'm stuck with junk and Laura who apparently has no integrity, otherwise she would have left Mohawk by now. Laura you are not doing anyone a service as there are thousands of reviews that back my claim and very few (probably fake) that support Mohawk. Mohawk doesn't stand behind their warranties and blames the customer for having an inferior product. 15 year warranty. Lol. They would be good to get a month out of this junk.

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